Banisher is a short roguelike made for the 2019 7DRL. You play as a Banisher, having the ability to banish demons back to the fell places they came from. However, every time you banish, you must rest -- and something more dangerous may come through! The Star Ruby, an ancient artifact to aid in such magic, lies in a shrine at the bottom of the cavern. Retrieve it and return to the surface!

Every time you banish, you will have to wait longer and longer to do it again. A ward will protect you from one hit. If you have no wards, one hit will kill you. Be careful!

Built using the excellent rot.js !


Download 63 kB
Download 65 kB


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I like the idea but it's a little sparse.  Either more enemies or autoexplore would be good here, though I don't really expect autoexplore in a 7DRL :).  Maybe shrink the levels a bit and have more enemies to avoid and it would be nice and tense.  I found the first two levels to be more populous than the later ones, and i stopped around level 5.

Thanks for playing and the comment! Much appreciated. I agree as well, it ended up too sparse and a bit too easy.  I ran out of time at the end to tune it more once everything was working! 

Very nice and polished traditional roguelike. A bit too easy for my tastes, though - some levels can be crossed without encountering a single demon, the cooldown on your banishing spell increases rather slowly, there are plenty of wards and potions of refreshment, plus demons never come in groups so you can easily retreat until you get your instakill attack off the cooldown. The only truly dangerous demons are the archfiends, who on the other hand have a very, very nice attack!

But take this with a grain of salt - I think that any game that doesn't kill me several times before I learn how to get at least into mid-game is too easy. :) I won this game on the first try, and if the dev wanted to make a post-challenge release, I would love to play it again with spawn rates increased and ideally with even more demons spawned immediately after picking up the Star Ruby.

Thank you so much for playing and your comment! Those are good and helpful criticisms/ideas. I ran out of time to test it more and tune it more -- I worried it would be too hard at first so I went probably too far in the other direction.

I plan to make a post-challenge update that tries to find a better balance with being difficult but not impossible (hopefully!).